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Twinette Poterie

Zinna Teapot with Artist Made Reed Handle

Zinna Teapot with Artist Made Reed Handle

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I'm pleased to offer a few teapots this Fall- they came out feeling extremely cozy. 

This pot features a hand painted design inspired by my late summer zinnias in the garden. The image is rendered using gloss and matte glaze.

The piece features a handle made from natural reed, which has been dyed by the artist using avocado pits for the dusty pink color and gall nut for the light oak binding. The handle material has the benefit of adding no weight to the pot. 


- Steam hole in lid - helps with an even pour.

- Interior filter.

-Lid is tight fitting with a flange- such that it does not fall off when tipped to pour.

- No drip spout.

- Pot is approximately 7" L x 5 " W x 5" H ( with handle is 8 " H). 

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