portrait of the artist, woman slightly smiling with long brown hairTwinette Poterie is born of a desire to create. As long as I can remember I've had my hands in paint (now clay and glaze!), with an image in my mind.

I believe that our most human moments are when we are present and focused, open to possibility and willing to follow a path, just to see what it holds.

Ceramics has managed to hold these aspects of curiosity for me, going on a decade. I am challenged to make pieces which preform a function, but can exist beyond that, into the realm of beauty. Pieces may be delicately painted in all manner of avian life, or they may be marbled, each part of a set but with a unique foot print.

I find joy in the process of making, and I hope that my work continues to delight as it moves through my hands and into the home, a mug which is often reached for, or a breakfast bowl thats perfect for morning oats. 

-Emilie Bouvet-Boisclair

Story Behind the Name

Twinette Poterie is named after my grandmother, Antoinette- her nickname. She passed in 2015, I started this business the following year in earnest. Twinette symbolizes my French Canadian roots, character and perseverance. It brings to mind my home province of farm land and open skies, the honesty and hard work with which my grandparents approached life.