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Twinette Poterie

Dark Landscape Teardrop Pitcher in Matte White

Dark Landscape Teardrop Pitcher in Matte White

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These pitchers lend themselves equally nicely weather filled with iced tea or a bouquet of summer flowers. 

Generously curved pitchers are made from a composite marbled clay- featuring a pure white porcelain, and a high contrast rich chocolate clay.

Dramatically angled dip glaze leaves a significant portion of the outside unglazed, show casing the poetic landscape of rivulets of dark clay ebbing and flowing over this uniquely marbled piece.

You will receive one of the two pitchers pictured.

  • Matte white outside, inside is glazed with a glossy white.
  • Holds about 75 oz
  • About 11”h x 6” w
  • Outside exposed ceramic is sanded for a smooth silky feel.
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