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Twinette Poterie

# 6 Lady Slipper Orchid ~ 17 oz *Pearl Lustered*

# 6 Lady Slipper Orchid ~ 17 oz *Pearl Lustered*

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This piece glazed with a warm beige pearlescent on the outside, the inside is a sunny yellow.

Pearl luster refers to a thin coat of iridescent sheen painted on the mug after it is glazed, and fired for a third time in the kiln creating a peal like finish on the outside of the piece.

Lady Slipper Orchid design features a pale buttery flower with a pink moon. The mug is calm as a flower blooming in the open night sky.

  • You will receive the mug pictured.

  • Handpainted and carved.

  • About 17 oz.

  • 4” h x 6” w

  • Large handle can easily slide three fingers through for a nice grip.

  • Handwash only- not microwave safe due to pearl lustered finish.

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