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Twinette Poterie

Second Quality: River Stone Jar

Second Quality: River Stone Jar

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Second Quality due to a crack on the bottom of the piece- it does not go through the bottom and is only visible if turning the jar upside down.

These rounded jars are inspired by memories of teenage summers sunbathing by the rivers, and finding rocks and fossils while skipping stones around my home town of upstate NY. I hope they may serve as a reminder to slow down and listen to the stream, crickets and song birds on a warm sunny day. 

These pieces are thrown from a pure white porcelain and rich red marbled clay in one piece, so the form is naturally gently rounded.

  • Each jar features a different sculpted stone arrangement to serve as a knob. 
  • The the bottom portion and inside is fully glazed in a matte turquoise. 
  • You will receive the piece pictured.
  • 4.25"w x 3"h
  • Perfect for holding jewelry or other small trinkets.
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