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Twinette Poterie

Olive Oil Cruet in Matte White

Olive Oil Cruet in Matte White

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Pieces made for the Schnoll & Mertes wedding will be made to order and ready for pick-up or shipping in March-April of 2024.

A beautiful functional piece for keeping olive oil fresh and away from sunlight on your counter. The olive branch design was hand sculpted and moulded with additional carving added to each piece.

This piece is made from a composite marbled clay- it features a pure white porcelain, and a high contrast rich red clay.

The outside is left unglazed, showcasing the poetic landscape of rivulets of red clay ebbing and flowing over this uniquely marbled piece.

  • Metallic weighted pour spout.
  • Holds about 22 oz.
  • Inside is fully glazed and water tight.
  • About 9.5”h x 3.5” w with spout
  • Outside exposed ceramic is sanded for a smooth silky feel.
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