Marbled Pottery Preview Summer 2023

Marbled Pottery Preview Summer 2023



Welcome to the Summer Marbled Collection- It is a smaller offering, but I'm especially happy with this mini collection - It feels like a lot of the work is aligning thematically and each piece feels like it is part of a whole. 

About the Clay

The clay I am laminating is primarily a warm terra red clay paired with the purest white porcelain. I began to experiment more with this red clay last season and I am finding that it really allows the glazes to shine over top- you will see the red clay 'rusting' parts of the Sage Green glaze, and bringing out the violet hues in the the Celestial Blue glaze. 

I also have used the dark landscape chocolate clay blend as well with the matte white pitchers, shallow breakfast bowls and a pair of flared vases.

Dark Landscape Marble Left, Terra Red on the right.


Glazes you will see in this collection include

    • Rose Pink, a soft blush which harmonizes nicely with the red tones in the marbled clay. Glaze finish is satin in texture.
    • Celestial Blue, a dynamic lavender-blue glaze which breaks into warm caramel notes at the lip of the mug. 
    • Sage Green, a tranquil grounding color with subtle rusted accents.
    • Matte White, a pure flat minimalist white.



16 oz Mugs

If you have played with clay before, you may know how elusive the 'perfect' mug is. While I will always be looking for ways to improve- I am very pleased with the newest rendition of marbled mug.

It feels homey and folksy - I think I remember growing up with a similar tall mug in my cabinet. I've made the form a bit more modern, rounding the walls, and creating the piece in the signature marbled clay. With it's stable wide bottom and roomy three finger handle- It's quickly become a favorite in my home- and I hope they are often reached for, where ever they end up.

13 oz Wine Cups 

Wine cups make wonderful gifts for friends and family alike- indeed, anyone with whom you would enjoy good conversation over a tasty drink.

 72 oz Pitchers

11" tall pitchers- as beautiful with a fresh bouquet of flowers as they are serving up iced teas or lemonades. Available in Sage Green or Matte White

Stone Jars

These rounded jars are inspired by memories of teenage summers sunbathing by the rivers, and finding rocks and fossils while skipping stones around my home town of upstate NY. I hope they may serve as a reminder to slow down and listen to the stream, crickets and song birds on a warm sunny day. 

Each has a uniquely sculpted rock formation. I'll have one available at 'second' quality due to a crack in the bottom which does not come through the pot (only visible if turned upside-down), and five in perfect condition.

Flared Vases

These are a medium size, about 6.5" tall. They are left bare on the outside, with the wide flared inner rim accented with either a matte turquoise or metallic bronze.  I'll have a few in both the dark landscape and red marble clay. 

I photograph each of these individually as the marbling over the larger form differs a lot from piece to piece and as they are not glazed outside, this plays a large part in the aesthetic value.


I'll have several bowls - these are available in smaller quantities.

Shallow breakfast bowls are a great size for cut fruit, yogurt, and oatmeal. I have two left in sage green and several in the matte turquoise- these bowls are a new form for me to throw - expect slightly different sizing if ordering a couple, and overall the turquoise bowls are slightly smaller then the sage bowls.

Measure about 6" w x 1.75-2" tall

Tall Soup Bowls

I'm still exploring what a bowl will look like for this collection- these are the last two in this style and I don't plan to make these exactly again. As such these two are being sold as a pair and at a slight discount. 

Second Quality Olive Oil Cruet

I only have one oil cruet for this update, and it has a tiny crack in the olive sculpture so it will be discounted - I do plan on making more of these in the Fall in sage green and matte white if you are hoping for one in perfect quality. 

Additionally I will have 6 discounted 'second quality' bottles - the openings are a bit too wide for the spouts, and a few have minor cracks in the sculpture. These may be used as bud vases or they can be corked. They are fully glazed and food safe.

Bonus Bunny Mugs

A bunny mug was created last Spring to celebrate my old studio's 20th Anniversary. It was raffled for the Red Door Animal Shelter in Chicago, which fittingly takes in bunnies. I made a couple other mugs which you see here, just experimenting but the handle and shape, as well as other design elements. 

These are made from wheel thrown porcelain, with handpainted bunnies and gold luster accents. They hold about 16-17 oz comfortably. Because they were experimental, they are listed at a lower price then my usual painted mugs-they will be $100 each.

Although these are not marbled, you will find them in the marbled section tomorrow just for the ease of the update- only one of each. 


This collection will be available tomorrow, July 11 at 4 pm CT to my newsletter subscribers. If you would like to join the newsletter, sign up at the bottom of this page.

I am so grateful to this little pottery community, thank you for taking the time to check out the new collection,


Shopping Tips

I've activated the customer login for the site- you may choose to set up an account. This will allow you to track past orders, and input your address for a speedier check out. Note that it will not save your payment info so this will still be entered manually. 

  • My favorite on this site: use the search function in the upper left hand corner (magnifying glass icon) to quickly find what pieces your interested it.
  • An item is not secured in your shopping cart- you must check out for the piece to be securely yours.
  • If you check out on multiple pieces, I will combine orders going to the same address to save on shipping. (an item is not yours until it’s checked out on so this can save time).
  • Shipping overages over $5 are always remitted.
  • It’s easier to shop from a computer monitor.
  • Local pick up is available at my studio in Saint Charles, IL. This will be an option in the checkout process, I’ll send a follow up email when I process the order for your pickup.
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