For you, I paint Dahlias | Preview new Pottery

For you, I paint Dahlias | Preview new Pottery

In my grandmother's enormous yard. A yard so large it is cut with a tractor mower on which she spends the afternoon, meditatively tightening the large contours, steering around the giant firs that weep against the sloping yard. There is a small courtyard. It's something sized between a courtyard and patio I suppose. At least that is how my child self remembers the pinkish square of laid bricks, a covered veranda style sliding bench near the end. The kind that has a table between the two benches and a covered canopy. I hope to have one too one day... funny how you reach to be an adult then yearn for the objects that remind you of those hours spent just being. Being a kid. There's always a breeze, there are no trees to break the wind which never ceases.

 Around the patio on two sides there are hedges of large bushy dark green foliage, pom pom doted with dark blood colored velvety flowers. Only as an adult, I found out these were dahlias. A tropical plant you can grow on a farm in Canada, provided you are willing to dig them up every year for the winter. Upon moving into a house with a yard a few years ago, I took up dahlia planting. I started with the dark blood 'Karma Chocolate' dahlias but this year I have ordered a large variety. Twenty plants I think. My grandmother loved red. There were only red ones, but I love all the colors. 

Memories appear like vision returning after the flash of a camera these days, since my grandmaman passed a few weeks ago. I didn't go to the funeral. I cancelled my flight the day before, my anxiety over traveling with my 4 month old baby, and what he may come into contact with. I'm glad that she got to meet both my babies before passing on. She gushed over their hair color (red like my grandfather's), she pronounced their names the English way through her Quebecois accent much to my amusement, I'll never forget.

The weekend of the funeral I started working on these mugs. I wanted a simple form which would offer a larger area for flower painting. I tried a new style of handle making, where the handle is pulled from the body of the mug, rather than the way I have always made handles, pulling separately from the form and attaching later. In painting them, I've explored glazes, taking my time- finding that a blood red glaze paired with an oatmeal glaze produces the most fascinating feathering, and otherwise enjoying the small surprises of two colors working especially well together. 

I'll remember my grandmother, honor her with these mugs. It is a functional, everyday object made with integrity and curiousity. I think of her love of learning, her way of listening when you spoke, but also her cheery joyousness in conversation when making these. I hope these mugs witness banter with vigor and gusto, and life well lived, wherever they may end up in the world. Je t'aime grandmaman.


Hand Painted Floral Mugs
The following will be available- these new folksy mugs are lovely to use- each is handpainted with an original painted floral design. Reverse side is blank unless otherwise shown in product photos. 
  • Tall mugs hold about 20 oz to brim.
  • Stout mugs hold about 18 oz to brim.
  • Large handle for a firm hold.
Three 16" platters will be available. These are the largest I've ever made. Platters have given me a lot of strife the last few months. Warping, cracking, and glaze fit have all been an issue for me. I'm proud to offer theses pieces- * last platter depicting birds will be discounted for aesthetic reasons on the painting- does not affect function of the piece.
Also available will be one narrower oval painted platter- these are a great size for serving crudities at a dinner party or cookies!

Marbled Pottery 

I will also be having a restock on classic mugs and small bowls- 
Marbled Mugs
Will be available in Celestial Blue, Sage Green, Dusty Rose, and a deep rich Coffee and Olive two tone color way, which I am naming 'Compost Tea'... in the name of rejuvenation and regrowth! There will also be three mugs in a pastel yellow reminiscent of a citrusy Limoncello. 
*Note that the coffee colored 'Compost Tea' mugs will be listed in two batches- this is because they are from two glaze kilns- one came out with more matte olive, and one showcases more of the rich amber umber tones.
  • Holds 16-17 oz
  • Comfortable four finger grasp.
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe.
A small number of bowls will be available in Celestial Blue and Dusty Rose. The two colors are visually very pleasing together- several in each color will be available. 
  • 7" w x 2.5" h 
  • Perfect size for yogurts, small salads, oatmeal. 
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe.


Several piece will be listed as second quality- you will be able to find them in the sale section of the site. Seconds are generally always functional (in the rare instance that a piece was not it would be boldly listed in the description). These pieces may be discounted because they are warped, a glaze is not as expected, a small crack or warping of the rim (or a combination of issues). I will list the reason a piece is discounted in the description of the piece. 
The bowls below will be available at a discounted price. To the left, what was intended to be a matte turquoise glaze on a marbled bowl turned out shiny - I have three. To the right- these brushstroke bowls turned out a little bit small for a custom order- so you will also find them at a slight discount tomorrow.
Thank you for reading and browsing the preview. I'll be sure to send an email when the shop is updated tomorrow morning. I'm shooting for an 11 am CT update!
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