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Twinette Poterie

16 oz Speckled Birch Mug

16 oz Speckled Birch Mug

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Birch glazed mugs are back; and when they are gone, they're gone! 

I adore the large comfortable handle, and gently rounded shape which retains heat nicely. The high contrast color pallet is classic and comforting. This batch features a very faint turquoise blush line around the black rim to unique effect. 

These mugs are a go to in my own cupboard - but I've been creatively pulled in new directions as of late, and pieces in this glaze will be retired after this batch sells out. 

  • Holds about 16 oz 
  • Measures 5.5" w with handle x 3.5" h
  • Made from porcelain clay.
  • Glossy white glaze on the inside, metallic black bronze glaze used to speckled and line the rim of the piece.
  • Suitable for microwave and dishwasher.
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